Scientific and medical translations


Our client is an international non-profit organization working to improve public health in developing countries through technical, medical and biological innovation.


Protocols, informed consent forms, summaries of studies, consent forms, field studies and correspondence, etc. we provided scientifically sound translations supporting the humanitarian efforts of the organization and ensuring its fitness for purpose in the fields of medical technology and vaccines. We needed to provide the same level of professionalism for promotional texts.


We selected linguists specializing in the health sector to provide the highest possible levels of accuracy. With our rigorous selection tests, the correction and editing of tests by senior editors and a collaborative work tools to pass on project instructions to translators, we have created a methodology is fully adapted to these projects.

We were also asked to translate amendments to scientific protocols in virtual real time as they were being negotiated. Our responsiveness and flexibility allowed our client to overcome linguistic barriers between its staff and the medical personnel in the country in question.
Other custom quality control procedures were also put in place on behalf of the client.
Lastly, strict internal recruitment procedures were employed in allocating work to translators with special skill sets.


Over 8 years of problem-free collaboration promoting public health in developing countries. We now collaborate with several departments within the organization.

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