Press release translation for a communications agency


Our client –a renowned communications agency and a branch of one of the world’s leading groups – manages press relations in France between various high-ranking companies in the IT field. These ultra-dynamic companies publish frequent press releases on their news, acquisitions, new business partners or on the launch of new innovative products, etc. These press releases follow very specific guidelines when it comes to style and format and are most often written in English by communications managers.

Our client needs these press releases to be translated into the reference language for each market in which the companies operate.


To translate press releases mainly from English into French for various companies by adopting a style that is unique to each entity, all while adhering to very tight deadlines.


In addition to time constraints, our linguists must become well-acquainted with each company’s environment, products and various solutions, while also integrating company-specific vocabulary, or jargon.


After receiving a very detailed brief from the client on every company for which they manage communications, we selected a pool of translators from our in-house team. These translators are not only specialists in the field of IT, they are also very skilled writers.

In order to almost instantly start translating the press releases sent to us by the communications agency, we must constantly maintain a certain level of flexibility with regard to our production schedule and the use of our resources.


Throughout the year, Version internationale translates around ten press releases per week exclusively for this communications agency. In this way, we can offer press releases that are perfectly in sync with calendars and news stories for companies on the French market.

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