A committed team

We are committed to respecting your sector’s codes and guaranteeing that your brand image is harmonious,

we are very demanding to ensure optimal quality and consistently meet our deadlines,

we have a strict approval process for our resources to provide you with a high level of performance (not just anyone can join the VI team!),

we are always available and assign you a dedicated project manager,

we perform continuous monitoring to ensure our ongoing drive for improvement and to always bring you more value,

we offer you an experience and an international reputation that enable you to entrust us with your projects with complete peace of mindâ..

Jean Bodin’s aphorism - ‘Men and women are the only source of wealth’ - could not be any truer than in translation

An experienced team

Corporate culture, benevolent rapport and behavioural reflexes: a team’s people skills influence the quality of both the translations they produce and the related services they provide. This approach is at the heart of our philosophy.

Founded in 1990 by Patrick and Françoise Bajon, Version internationale has been shaped by their personal culture and that of their employees.

Around twenty in-house staff in various roles are here to help you at various stages of your project. Let’s learn more about each of their roles!

What they have to say about their job

Chloé, Senior Project Manager

« ‘Being a project manager at VI means helping our clients treat their content as an essential part of their international strategy. I like managing the teams to get the best out of them, so we can always provide the most suitable solution for our clients’ needs and goals. Lastly, I enjoy working as a team, sharing our experiences and celebrating the work we have accomplished together, especially when a client tells us they’re completely happy.’ »

Anna, Senior Editor

« What I love about my job is learning new things every day. The languages and the different fields in which I specialise are constantly evolving, so you always have to be aware of these developments. Being an editor is also about being curious and wanting to learn, being able to learn independently when tackling your translations, but also as a team by sharing knowledge and opinions. In short, for me, translation is about being open to the world and to others »

Lucie, Senior Editor

« My passion is translating. That’s a good thing, as it is what I have been doing every day at Version Internationale since I arrived. The strength of our team of linguists is our cooperation and communication. We can lean on each other for advice, occasional help on a tricky translation or a longer-term project. This way, we all benefit from each other’s experience and strengths, always with the aim of delivering a high-quality translation to the client»

Fanny, Vendor Manager

«The position of Vendor Manager enables me to combine the values that drive me. I am responsible for ensuring the projects’ success by matching our freelance translators’ skills, which I monitor, with the needs of our in-house project managers. It is a job that requires you to know how to listen and be responsive and proactive in order to guarantee flawless, high-quality translation and editing solutions for our clients over the short and long term! »

A team of specialised translators

So that you can be confident that your translation is being carried out by competent and experienced linguists, we pay particular attention to selecting and training our in-house translators. As they are meant to ensure quality control, they must be able to provide impeccable quality

Postgraduates in translation

This is the distinguishing feature of our ten in-house translators. For us, this is essential. A translation degree provides evidence of linguistic and theoretical knowledge, so we can be sure that our translators have expertise in linguistic subtleties and core skills. This is also one of the requirements of the ISO 17100 standard that we obtained in 2017!


You become a translator by translating. Practice gives you reflexes and perspective, which are essential for strong results. This is also why you need a team: constant interaction between translators, most of which are in senior roles, enables them to share their experiences on a daily basis and thereby achieve a level of maturity and expertise that is harder to achieve when working alone.

Continuous training

To complement the academic achievements of our in-house translators, we periodically organise targeted training sessions to develop and consolidate linguistic and technical skills (translation and research methods, command of translation tools, in-depth exploration of one or more fields, presentation of a client’s own ecosystem, etc.) so they can produce flawless work.

Mother tongue

All our translators translate into their mother tongue and know all the nuances. They have an instinctive command of the language and its cultural connotations to guarantee a result that is adapted to your target audience. They constantly maintain their knowledge, expertise and interpersonal skills by sharing them. This is the added value of an in-house team.

Continually selected and tested

We continuously evaluate the strong team of freelancers working on the projects before our in-house reviewers. Once the initial selection phase has been successful (several initial tests in each subject area they will be working on), a continuous assessment is carried out for each project to guarantee an optimal level of professionalism. To enable them to progress as we hope, our in-house team also integrates the most active freelancers into the training courses we take, as well as into the follow-up meetings for certain key accounts. Freelancers are assessed not only on their linguistic and technical skills, but also on their reliability and the added value that they bring to VI and its clients.

An experienced project management team

Unlike online platforms where you simply upload files without any human interaction, our in-house team of project managers help you to evaluate all aspects of your request. Is it redundant and ineffective? We don’t think so, because we know that besides translating your file, we must respond to all of your internationalisation challenges.

From the approval of your first quote, one of our project managers becomes your single point of contact. Throughout our collaboration, they will centralise your requests and orchestrate the various stages of the linguistic process.

What is the added value for you?

Our experienced project managers analyse your request (context, files, constraints, etc.) and advise you in light of your needs and goals.

They ‘translate’ your needs into instructions and a methodology for the linguists and IT team.

They answer your questions quickly, so you’re not left hanging.

They understand your requirements and try to help you by respecting the agreed budgets and deadlines in particular (our delivery reliability rate is 99.8%).

A readily available sales team

At Version internationale, our added value lies as much in the customer experience that we provide as in our expertise. And we want our customers to benefit from that as much as possible.

Our sales team is here to advise you ahead of your translation project.

Why is it important to analyse the context behind your request in detail?

Even if it may seem to you that the translation of a text ‘only’ involves transposing ideas from one language into another, many other factors can come into play and have significant implications. This is why you must tell us as much as you can about your project, any constraints you have to deal with, the market(s) you want to reach, the type of audience you are targeting, etc.

We will listen to your needs and gather the information necessary to identify the challenges of your project.

We will then be able to offer you the most suitable linguistic and technical solution for your needs, as well as finding the one that is best adapted to your budget .

An in-house IT department

The all-digital era is firmly rooted. Whether it’s the digitisation of translatable documents, multimedia translations or file conversions, there are so many situations that can become complex and time-consuming at the slightest glitch.

ersion internationale has always believed that IT support should be a complementary service to translation. We are therefore fortunate to be able to count on a full-time IT department specialising in translation and localisation. This is very rare in our sector, but we are convinced that it is essential for translation projects to run smoothly.


You can therefore benefit from support that makes your project run more smoothly, whether it’s bug fixes, flexible document and database management, advanced CAT and MT tool expertise or program and API development.

Digital business intelligence

Our IT department also monitors the digital world (professional conferences, meetings with technology suppliers, etc.), which enables us to quickly adopt the latest technological innovations. This ensures that we have the latest technology to fine-tune your translation process.

Tailored process

Our IT department can also create and develop ‘in-house’ computer tools at any time. Upon request, they can help us to design a process adapted to your constraints and thus save you time.

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