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Today more than ever, environmental issues are at the heart of our societies and daily lives. The energy and environment sectors are increasingly involved in the internationalisation of knowledge, skills and trade. Translation has therefore become the preferred tool among the various stakeholders.

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Our linguists undergo specialised tests for each field of application and regularly bring their knowledge up to date.




We can support you in creating a termbase that will provide a working framework for your publications and future translations.



We select our translators based on particularly exacting standards and criteria, which guarantees results that meet your requirements.


We can localise your content in light of your audience’s cultural and sociological context. We enlist linguists who translate exclusively into their mother tongue and who are in touch with the reality of your sector in their country.

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A wide variety of fields and stakeholders

Environment clearly encompasses a large variety of fields, but also of stakeholders.

Whether it’s the production of raw materials, recycling, waste treatment, renewable energy, water management, hydrogen, electricity, oil, gas or nuclear power, the sector communicates with a set of stakeholders that is just as varied. Couple that with locations across the globe, and the result is a range of translation subjects is incredibly diverse.

We are particularly aware of the interdisciplinary nature of your profession, and we are proud to be involved in communicating the advances and research that you are leading. Our teams of translators are able to grasp the specialised nature of your projects in order to convey them in full, including their technical and linguistic nuances.

Specialised terminology in the hands of expert linguists

One of the main challenges in the energy and environment sector is the constant evolution of terms and concepts, which must be followed to provide cutting-edge translations. The text would lose credibility if obsolete terms appear in content describing innovative processes.

This is a sector that is sensitive to safety issues. Precision is therefore one of the key requirements. There is no room for approximation. To aid safety, productivity and use, translations must be crystal clear and leave no room for doubt. That is also why, at Version internationale, we make communication easier by using a collaborative platform that enables us to talk with our customers and avoid any ambiguity, no matter how small.

The sector is highly-regulated. Whether these regulations are with regard to the safety of facilities and people, environmental protection or the strict legal framework, translators must be familiar with them whenever they are mentioned in the content being translated.

Translating market opportunities

These days, companies working in the technology sector for the energy sector can enjoy strategic business opportunities for their development. Their products and services have strong international potential, and a good strategic approach is essential.

The success of launching a product in a foreign country largely depends on the existence of well-calibrated marketing strategies that have been thought out in advance. They are designed for an audience from diverse cultures who use different communication channels. This means that adaptability is key. That is where localisationand transcreation come in. They are translation services that will enable the content to be suited perfectly to the target audience.

Of course, creating high-quality translations is therefore an effective asset for gaining a foothold in these rapidly developing global markets.

Our expertise in the field of marketing translation in particular has made it possible for us to support a great deal of roll-out projects in new markets. Our linguists are able to perfectly understand the challenges of your business strategy with regard to the sector and its market.

Precise processes for optimal quality

To get the best results, we attach great importance to analysing your project in advance. We therefore work with our clients to define the terminology that should be used, so that it is as precise and suitable as possible. During the translation process, we promote dialogue between our linguists and clients, which enables both sides to share information and questions.

Lastly, we have procedures in place to guarantee a flawless final text. Whatever the project, we use a sophisticated methodology. Our translations are systematically checked by an accredited editor who compares the source language and the target language in order to identify any issues. In addition, our translators are evaluated with each project they do, all as part of our approach to foster continuous improvement and excellence.

Through their experience and technical expertise, our teams of translators guarantee accuracy and an understanding of your values.


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Send us your translation project for a quote.
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