We don't all speak the same language, and that’s a fact!

Fortunately, translators can bridge this gap, and Version internationale brings together the best to make your content shine on the world stage

Equipe Version internationale

You know that having high-quality translations is a strategic choice

One poor translation and your credibility is at stake! But, beyond the positive impact on your image, we know that delivering top-quality services will always be more profitable in the end. It means no corrections, no delays, happy clients and that our team at VI is proud of its work!

A large variety of projects handled by translators specialising in various sectors and fields

IT & New Technology

Let’s make the localisation of your IT solutions a success by combining our expertise

Science & Technical

The translation of scientific and technical content requires a command of highly specialised terminology


Communicating clearly with your partners and clients


Medical translation requires flawless quality assurance. You need to be able to count on a reliable partner.


Opening up your educational content to learners on all continents thanks to new learning platforms

Institutions & NGOs

Translation at the service of helping people and diverse cultures

Marketing & Communication

Making your voice heard around the world by remaining faithful to your brand image and the spirit of your content

Energy & Environment

Supporting change in the global energy and environment sectors

Law & Finance

Translation accuracy is key to mutual understanding

Packages based on the type of project and your budget

Version internationale Quality

The package that built the company’s reputation!

Translation + Editing + Proofreading

The “super-high-quality” option 
that’s best for your sensitive content

Pro Quality

The most effective package for your standard content

Translation + Editing

A level of quality that meets the ISO 17100 standard

Machine Translation Quality

The package for specific contexts

Machine translation + Post-editing + Editing


Machine translation + Post-editing 

On a case-by-case basis, depending on urgency, level of visibility and budget.

A special relationship

At Version internationale, we are curious about our customers – we want to get to know you, beyond your field, to understand your identity, your clients’ identity and the way you see the world. This enables us to translate your reality as well as possible and to move in the same direction. That’s why we think of you as a partner rather than a customer or client. Some of our business partnerships go back almost 30 years!

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