Our view on the agency-freelancer relationship

Last December, we sent out an annual satisfaction survey to all the freelancers who work with VI. This survey is part of our desire to build a trusting relationship and be attentive to our freelancers’ needs. It assists us in moving forward with a mindset of continuous improvement and co-built teamwork. We also know there are many preconceived ideas about the agency-freelancer relationship. Here’s our point of view on the topic.

At Version Internationale, we take care of our teams of linguists

We are proud to have an in-house team of French linguists. They are true experts and one of the pillars of our business. Their language skills in various fields – marketing, IT, medical, technical (and many more!) – enable us to guarantee impeccable quality to our clients, whatever the content. Read what two of our senior editors at VI, Anna and Lucie, have to say.

Beyond the in-house team, an agency cannot do without freelancers, given the vast number of language combinations and specialities. Also, a translator always translates into their native language, in a particular field. You can appreciate just how wide a range of resources this represents. As such, we have always been committed to building a strong network of freelance translators and developing experienced multilingual teams.

Our key principle: building sustainable relationships

We comply with the ISO 17100 standard and our freelance translators are carefully selected in accordance with this industry standard. We are aware of the challenges involved in working as a freelance linguist and we take care to ensure that our translators are fairly remunerated and have their needs taken into account. We provide overall support throughout our work together. Among other things, we give systematic feedback on their work. In short, we seek to create bonds based on trust and transparency to progress together.

Special attention to ensure quality

Highly qualified linguist teams are a prerequisite for optimal quality, but flexibility is also needed! Our network of freelancers allows us to adapt our translation teams to our clients’ needs. This was the case at the end of 2021, when we selected a pair of specialised English translators and organised a launch meeting for one of our clients in the IT sector. It meant we had two motivated linguists on board and a satisfied client! Ultimately, it’s about building a winning relationship at every level, for our clients, our freelancers and for us!

A word from our freelance linguists

To end on a tangible note, here are a few of the opinions given by our freelancers in our 2021 end-of-year satisfaction survey:

“It’s the best organised translation agency I know and where I feel the most respected,” Alice, five years working with VI.

“The team is always available when I have any questions. Given that I work alone, getting quality feedback on my services is both important and appreciated,” Mary, three years working with VI.

“The VI team is very responsive and attentive to the smooth running of our work together,” Oscar, two years working with VI.

“The processes are clear and structured, the team is very respectful and welcoming. More translation agencies should work like VI do!” Sebastian, three years working with VI.

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