The VI Way : Anti crowd sourcing

Crowd-sourcing is all the rage: it seems to have been “the new black” for a few years now. It is a new term to describe a system that was once the reserve of the freelancer. It seems that this call to the masses is unavoidable. Here, at Version internationale, however, we believe that, when it comes to translation, it isn’t the be-all and end-all.

Because crowd-sourcing quickly does away with the issue of responsibility. Who corrects the work and who is responsible if a client is unhappy? At best, it is a translator who is mixed up in the cloud, anonymous and untouchable. At worst, it is a bilingual student looking for a bit of work on the side or another self-proclaimed translator. And how do you trust a Korean translator , for example, when nobody can proofread the end product?

In 2000, these factors inspired us to put together an alternative model.

Translation into French

We offer a real business model for translation rather than a translation agency model (more like the model used by temping agencies).
Our in-house linguistics team handles the correction of all of the translations we receive, which guarantees consistency and quality.
As permanent, full-time translators, they receive ongoing training.

Translation into other languages

Since 2000, we have adopted a unique model, based on a solid network of overseas partners who share our values.
They are medium-sized businesses that are established locally and whose in-house linguists carry out quality control. Much more than just suppliers, they are real partners: they are our customers and we are theirs. This mutual trust, as well their professionalism regarding large projects we have worked together on for our biggest accounts, ensure flawless quality.
It is not just what we know in terms of analyzing, organizing and optimizing your project – it is who we know.

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