High-quality translations to improve your ROI

Clients don’t always recognise the challenge of translating and its related costs for what they are worth. However, commercial operations often depend on it for their success. You are about to invest tens of thousands into your project to design it, develop it, then promote it. So why not use high-quality translators to translate it into the language spoken by your prospects?

There are countless examples of failed translations. In the belief that they were saving money, many companies have made huge losses. Well-adapted, high-quality translations are actually crucial for marketing a product successfully. It is therefore essential to consider your translation budget as an investment rather than a cost.

And if you invest, you can of course expect a return on your investment!

How can it be calculated?

Return on investment (%) = (profit made from the investment – cost of the investment)/cost of the investment.

For translations, the notion of ‘profit’ is often difficult to measure. Here are a few pointers to help you better appreciate the benefit of a reliable translation.

Make sales with high-quality translations

• An increase in profits
How: you will be able to acquire new clients and improve your turnover if your commercial content (websites, sales pitches, white papers, emails, advertisements, etc.) is better adapted to the media used. It will also be more successful both linguistically and culturally with your target audiences abroad.

• A lower churn rate for your products
How: clients who are dissatisfied due to the incorrect or non-existing localisation of your content (software, website, support material, etc.) and who therefore struggle to use your products will now have no reason to unsubscribe.

Save money with high-quality translations

• You can prevent any unwelcome complaints from your clients.
How: your GTS (General Terms of Sale), GTU (General Terms of Use), online help or user guide will be transposed perfectly into the target languages. You will reduce the time spent on after-sales support and hotlines, or in the worst case scenario, the legal costs of any disputes.

Improve your image with high-quality translations

• You will eliminate the risk of making any faux pas or being the laughing stock of your audience. (Even the biggest companies have suffered the consequences of translation errors.)
• The quality of your content is a reflection of how serious and skilled you are!
• Your content will stand out against the unreliable translations of your competitors.

Maximise your participation in trade shows with high-quality translations

• You will maximise the cost of participating in trade shows.

How: the cost of transport, accommodation, food, registration fees, not to mention the amount of time your teams spend on it, requires a more than substantial budget. To support your marketing and sales, and to give yourself every chance for success, it is crucial that the communication material you take with you (brochures, flyers, advertisements, etc.) is perfect. You will maximise the profitability of your initial investment. Especially since a brochure translated into the prospect’s language will give him or her all the more motivation to then make a purchase…

With the help of these few examples, you can now better assess the potential benefits of high-quality translations. Translation is a true link in the value chain. Don’t underestimate this item of expenditure and choose the right partner. It’s a small investment, but it could be worth a lot!

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