Translating menus: a recipe that bears fruit !

Each day, millions of chefs around the world cook for foreign customers. And each day, their menus must be understood by these customers so they can make their decision without any nasty surprises.

Whether you are a restaurant or hotel owner, airline representative, conference organiser or foreign delegation host, it is crucial that your menus are translated into a number of languages.

Translating your menus has several benefits:

• Attract foreign customers by publishing your translated menu online or by placing it at the front of your establishment
• Stand out from your competition
• Inform your hosts and help them to choose a dish according to their tastes, dietary requirements and religion
• Prevent any risk of illness linked to any potential food intolerance or allergy (gluten, lactose, nuts, etc.)

When translating menus, approximations cannot be tolerated. There is an infinite number of ingredients, spices, flavours and ways of cooking or presenting food. Experienced translators can choose the correct terminology to translate a menu as accurately as possible and to best reflect the creativity and appeal of your menu.

If your chef is talented and devotes time to designing his or her menu, if you have invested in decor and good tableware and if your front of house staff have received first-class training, it would be a shame if your translated menus did not reflect your work, creativity and seriousness.

Cooking is an art and so is translation in its own right.

You must also consider other aspects, such as which layout to use.

In fact, if your menu is translated into languages that do not use Latin alphabets, like Russian, Arabic or Chinese, you must make sure that the visual result in the target language is just as impeccable, and that your staff know their way around the menu to take orders.

A translation company like Version internationale, with proven experience in such a particular field as menu translation, will be able to advise you. Whether it is the language or language variation, the approach towards ingredients or specific preparation methods, or the best way to “transpose” a foreign dish into a certain culture, we will share our practice with you and support you to find the best solution.

Happy customers are bound to come back and recommend you online and to friends!

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