Mobile applications (Mobile Apps) and length restrictions


Our client, a leading IT and mobile App company, produces a mobile phone operating system. They provide upgrades to their users on a regular basis. These need to be translated using strict length restrictions to ensure the text is displayed correctly on mobile devices. The translations need to be accurate and measured, and each sentence is limited to a certain number of characters.


To provide the client with translations which are not only appropriate from a linguistic point of view, but which also comply with the length restrictions imposed.


Our internal IT engineers developed a special program to meet our client’s requirements. The program automatically calculates the length of each string and disallows additional characters. This tool makes sure that the text is error-free and allows our translators to concentrate on language issues rather than counting characters.


Our client is completely satisfied as the linguistic quality is excellent, and they don’t have to waste time checking that the length restrictions have not been exceeded.

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