Complex IT products


Our client is the world leader in professional software design for tools that are cloud-based and work with the data center of each company.


IT products are often highly complex and translators require a good understanding of their functions when translating them. What is more, the client will often demand high levels of quality. This requires a team which is stable and reliable over time and simple but effective systems of communication between linguistic supervisors and the client.


In this case we used a custom methodology: we created glossaries and provided the client with a cloud-based platform on which they could manage translator queries and approve answers in real time.

Other tools were also put in place to allow the entire translation team to discuss linguistic and technical problems in real time (new terminology, inconsistencies in the content, etc.).

Other custom quality control procedures were also put in place on behalf of the client.

Lastly, strict internal recruitment procedures were employed in allocating work to translators with special skill sets.


We have been working for over 20 years with a client who trusts us fully

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