Make sure your press releases are translated properly!

Product launches, new financial partners, sales promotions, organising events, new partnerships, expanding your business abroad… You need to share your company’s latest news with the economic world. It is therefore vital that you translate your press releases. Your press releases are a lot more than just a way of providing information. They can enhance the credibility of your company.

To conquer and consolidate international markets, your message needs to be effectively translated using the expertise of a translation company who will support you along the way!

A well-translated text serves as immediate proof of your competence. Producing a good translation requires a lot more than just knowledge of the language; it is a complex process with strict rules.

You need linguistic knowledge, but that’s not everything!

Our specialist translators are chosen according to your specific requirements. For each field, no matter how specialized or unique it is, we choose translators who are reliable, highly qualified and fully immersed in their language and culture, as well as those who have absolute command of the vocabulary you use so they can convey every detail to your target audience. No rough ideas or sloppy translations that lose specific details, but a “technical” translation that is written with the target language and culture in mind. This way, your target audience and your original audience will receive exactly the same message, and you will have communicated successfully with them.

The spirit

Quality translations undergo three essential ‘TEP’ stages: Translation (translating the document), Editing (reviewing the document) and Proofreading (examining the final document to eliminate any unwanted errors). These three stages include thorough quality control where the “source” and “target” documents are compared to ensure that the spirit of the message has been retained and/or enhanced; the tone, ideas and cultural references must capture the same nuances that are fundamental to rendering your message.

The tools

Translation technology offers a wealth of benefits to ensure high-quality translations. Thanks to translation memories, for example, the consistency of your press releases will increase significantly.Translators can harmonise terminology, even that used in texts translated a long time ago.

Follow in the footsteps of many other communications companies and agencies and make use of our expertise. Put your press releases in our hands and let your company shine in the markets you are targeting or those you have already

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