Better serving our clients specific needs through training

Technology is ubiquitous in the world of translation. And as companies digitise, translation agencies must adapt their offerings to their clients’ tools and interfaces.

Similarly, their business strategies need to be understood so they can be adapted to international markets.

This means that translation agencies need to be on constant watch for new developments in order to keep abreast of their clients’ technologies and strategies.

Continuous training is essential in this context. At Version Internationale, we are determined to increase our skills to match the pace of our partners’ requests.

Multilingual SEO training

To this end, we recently took part in a multilingual SEO course, which will help us better adapt our clients’ digital strategies to international markets. We sent two of our linguists, two project managers and two people from the sales team to attend several half-day courses given by an expert in the subject. During training, this small group was able to enjoy the picturesque neighbourhood of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon and took the opportunity to think about the agency’s future projects.

Keyword analysis and searches, content optimisation and lexical studies are a few examples of methods we can use to help our clients convert content to target countries.

With this additional skill set, translators are better equipped to meet the performance targets of web-based content. Choosing the right word is already the a translator’s core skill, and armed with this new expertise, translators can base this choice on technical and sales conversion considerations as well.

International SEO strategies bring together diverse skill sets, including lexical research, data analysis, web copywriting, linguistic localisation, and technical expertise. This combination helps companies gain more visibility as part of their acquisition strategy and we are determined to bring this value to our clients.



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